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Cordless Impact Wrench

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Cordless Impact Wrench Manufacturer, Supplier from China

Cordless Impact Wrench Wholesaler, supply all-copper core brushless motor carp electric impact wrench, digital torque wrench china, surging power, large torque, long battery life. One machine for multiple purposes, drilling, unscrewing, disassembling, installing, maintenance

Six core advantages, meticulous workmanship in every detail: Strong Power, Brushless Motor, Stable Quality, Fast Heat Dissipation, High Capacity Battery, Mute Low Noise

High charging efficiency, one charge lasts for 2 days

Continuously variable speed switch, as fast or slow as you want

One-click forward and reverse, easy assembly, disassembly and conversion

Full A Grade Power Carp Battery

Provided by a state-owned enterprise in the military industry, Tesla's same 18650 battery cell has a long battery life and a battery cycle life of more than 350 times.

Multiple Functions, Installation and Disassembly Can be Done with One Machine

Meet various needs of daily work and life

■    Tire disassembly and assembly

Used for disassembly and installation of automobile tires and engineering vehicle tires

■    Home Drilling

Widely used for drilling holes in various homes

■    Door lock installation

Used for various screw installations more convenient

New Battery Guarantee:

Automatic battery sorting machine, testing voltage value and internal resistance value, automatically sorting out unqualified ones

New battery guarantee.jpg

Battery Cell Storage Warehouse

The battery cell storage warehouse has a fire sprinkler on the top; it is separated by cement walls to prevent the spread of fire, and fire sprinklers are installed on the top.

Battery Cell Storage Warehouse.jpg

Factory Tour

Assembly Workshop

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PWR TOOLS Assembly Workshop.jpg

Charge and Discharge Test

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